West  End Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club
2014 News Letter
              P. O. BOX 69 ROULETTE PA. 16746 SEPT. 2014 - SEPT. 2016 - 2017
                                           ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE
Hello Fellow Members,
    It is time once again for the up and coming snowmobile season. I know that last year was
a bad winter in Potter County. Many members here didn't have a chance to get the sleds out
of storage. January 2017 will be the 16th year since Brad Jones started this Club and it has
come a long way.
   It seems every year we run into a problem with the trail system. We have 2 agreements in
Potter County with Hancock Forest Management and we were told only our club members
could ride these trails legal. We therefore took on 3 more agreements all in McKean County
so our members could ride these trails legal. We are going back to the 2 agreements and if
you want to ride in McKean County you will have to join the Seneca Highlands Club.
Their address is Seneca Highlands Snowmobile Club C/OJohn Dart Smethsport Pa 16749
and if McKean County wants to ride our trails they will have to join our club. There are a lot
of things we deal with to keep this club active and we surly do not want to lose our trails.
    We have three chicken BBQ's planned for this year. Meetings will start back up in
September the first Monday of the Month. At the October 3rd meeting at 7:30pm at the Club
House we will have nominations of Officers and 1 Board Member. It sure would be nice to
see some new faces at these meetings.
   The January 26th 2016 Winterfest went well, as usual the radar run was good even with
little snow. The Chinese Auction was great. We have a lot of gracious sponsors who donate
a lot of great items for this event.

The 14th annual  Winterfest Jan. 28, 2017 at Kaple's Farm, Main St. Roulette.
Thank you for your support and any donations are greatly appreciated.
Getting ready to " Think Snow "
                                                                                  Tillie Hinkle
Pres. Doug Crum                   Board Members
V.P. Paul Althouse                   Brian Carr
Sec. - Treas. T. Hinkle             Bob Rees
                                              Kevin Weber

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