Our trail to Coudersport  From Roulette

all gates are open
Attention All Snowmobilers:

Unless you are a member of a club, you may not realize how much time and work goes into keeping our trail
system open.  All clubs work very hard to make this happen.  We need your help to keep them open.
Please have respect for our towns.  Riding in town is a privlege that we need to keep.  We ask that you
keep your speed and noise down when riding in town.
Please also show respect for the landowners and their property.  
Without them, there would be no trails
Stay on marked trails and last but not least HAVE FUN!  We look forward to a GREAT YEAR!
Why Join WETB?
1.  No carrying a chainsaw
2.  Marked Trails
3.  Insured Trails
4.  Community Involvement
5.  Groomed Trails
6.  Right to vote
7.  Show support for the

Membership Application
Trail Conditions