Vintage Snowmobile Show 2013
Best of Show- Trophy donated by Souther Tier Polaris
Winner- April Goerner from Genesee Pa, with her 1980 Citation Ski-doo. It has an
original 553 miles on it and basically untouched other then cleaning it up for the show.
Class 1 - 1966 and earlier - Trophy donated by Canyon Motor Sports
Winner- Bill Kemp from Bliss,NY with his 1965 Autoboggan. All shined up,it is his
Granddad's sled and orinally came from Canada.
Class 2 - 1967 to 1971-  Trophy donated by Howards
Winner - Mark Elwell with his 1971 AMFX 650. This sled has come full circle back to
Potter County, originally from Ulysses; Mark has been looking for this sled for 20
years. While Mark was looking at another sled in East Stroudsburg, he found it!
It was Parked in 1986 and restored.
Class 3 -1972 to1976- Trophy donated by Larry's Sport Center
Winner- Brian Moyer from Bangor Pa with his Alouette Mini. Alouette was made in
Canada. This little sled packs a wallop despite its size and also won for its class last year.
Class 4 - 1977 to1981- Trophy donated by Jim Coast Sales & Service
Winner- Brian Moyer with his 1977 Alouette Mini. Brian got this sled from his Uncle
and restored back to its original beauty.
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